Terrordisco for 2021

My creative urges are a bit unruly. When I’m supposed to be designing, I want to make music, and for the past year, when I had a bit more time to design what I want and make the music I want, I just felt like I wanted to write.

So in addition to being the place where I present my work in music, I’m going to write a little here. Some sensemaking about where I’m coming from, as far as music and DJing goes. Writing helps me think, and having a place to publish, I have the incentive to wrap those thoughts up, go through them, figure out if they’re good enough to publish, and so on.

The purpose of using more modern media than a blog is of course to grow an audience. But choosing YouTube means that a lot of the energy goes into that type of production. Converting thoughts into engaging video content is a ton of work, and you end up being really good at video, which I really don’t need.

The same goes for any other medium, really. In addition, most audio/video platforms come with copyright algorithm problems. The only platform that takes care of copyright for you is Mixcloud.

But mostly I’m being a luddite here. And loving it. Blogging is my vinyl snobbery then. Or cassette maybe. Actually, it’s so far down the coolness totempole, and so far from being rehabilitated, that it’s kind of like being into early MP3s. Or maybe RealAudio files.

Yeah that’s it. Terrordisco. Now on RealAudio.

Hope something comes of this.


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