I miss links! I’m trying to use less social media, so I’ve decided that for me, links between sites are really quite helpful, even if they’re a bit naff and aughts. Actually, the aughts are so far behind us, it’s almost a past golden age, so think of this as a retro affectation.


Attack Magazine is probably my favorite electronic music outlet. They’re not the biggest or the boldest, but there’s a good vibe going and I trust them.

Create Digital Music is a regular read, I get lots of suggestions for weird audio software and the like from there.

DJ Tech Tools is probably the only DJ publication I read on the regular. They don’t post that much, but there isn’t much you can post about DJ gear, so it’s not a minus. Not a lot of filler, and they’re pretty even-handed, even when the site owner, Ean Golden, had his fingers in the development of said gear (which happens weirdly often).

More to come.