• My favorite iPad music making apps
    I’m no expert on the iPad. But I think that may not be such a bad thing. I started playing around with music tools on the Apple tablet three or four years ago. For the first two or three years, I was trying to create a complete workflow on the ipad. To do what I’d … Read more
  • Terrordisco for 2021
    My creative urges are a bit unruly. When I’m supposed to be designing, I want to make music, and for the past year, when I had a bit more time to design what I want and make the music I want, I just felt like I wanted to write. So in addition to being the … Read more


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My name is Sveinbjörn Pálsson, I make music, DJ and do other musical ventures using the artist name Terrordisco. I’ve been around quite a bit. I host Funkþátturinn, the premier electronic music show on Icelandic radio, covering the Icelandic scene and international developments in music. My co-host is Símon FKNHNDSM. I have a residency of sorts DJing at Kaffibarinn, and I’ve had stints at various Reykjavík joints that have reached mythical status upon their demise, deserved or not. The most legendary club of all time is that one which was the hot shit when you were 20. This is always the case, right? But I digress.

In music I’ve released an EP and a few remixes in my own name. Other ventures take presedence, so the rest of my music resides on Soundcloud and my drive. I was an early memeber of FM Belfast, and I’ve performed live with other icelandic electronic lumineries, memorably Johnny Sexual. I’ve had a few minor hits here and there with my remixes, edits and productions, here in Iceland and in a couple of city scenes elsewhere. I’ve performed at oodles of festivals, probably close to 10 times at Iceland Airwaves, and three times at Sónar Reykjavík, one of which I’m told was an absolute highlight of that festival. I’ve played a few festivals abroad as well.

My focus has been elsewhere for the last few years, but I’m building towards a few things, which is why I’m rebuilding the site, and writing these words.